Welcome to Babergh Lodge No.8122

Worshipful Master

Graham Pearce

Date of Warrant :

14th September 1966

Consecrated :

14th January 1967

Patron New Masonic Samaritan Fund
Patron Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys

Meeting Dates Fourth Wednesday in September (Installation), October, November, January, March, April and third Wednesday in May

We are one of a number of Masonic Lodges that make up the Provincial Grand Lodge of Suffolk which in turn is part of the United Grand Lodge of England

Our Worshipful Master gave us his three reasons for joining Freemasonry in Sudbury

To meet like minded people from all walks of life on a level social playing field. 

To be able to assist less fortunate members of society through a world beating charitable organisation.

To become a better person – Freemasonry can assist well-being, to be more confident, to learn new topics/skills.