A Brief History of the Lodge

In 1952 a meeting of the two Lodges then in Sudbury met to discuss the forming of a new, third, lodge in the town. It was not until the 6th May 1966, with true Masonic caution, that the first meeting of the Founders was held. Some thirty-six Brethren agreed to become Founders and to name the new Lodge Babergh.

The consecration of Babergh Lodge was carried out by the Provincial Grand Master, The Earl of Stradbrooke, Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk, at the now demolished North Street School on 14th January 1967, dining afterwards at the Town Hall. 

The Lodge now meets and dines in our own Sudbury Masonic Hall, at the end of North Street.

It was agreed that the Lodge would meet on Wednesdays. As a good percentage of the founders were local shopkeepers and Wednesday being half day closing it seemed the right day.

Mr. Josiah Suttle was to be the first candidate. A far- seeing move, for Joe was to become a stalwart of the Lodge, never missing a meeting, serving as secretary from 1976 to 1988, and leaving us the wonderful legacy which financed our current lift, without which many of our infirm brethren would not be able to attend the Masonic Hall. The lift is known, affectionately, as the “Suttle Shuttle”.

Lodge Meetings

Babergh meets seven times per year from September through to May. 

We have the formal meeting and then a meal after, starting at 1800hrs and ending by 2200hrs

Our social activities include a Burns Night in January each year and a Ladies Night each May to celebrate the end of the Masters Year in office. At both all family and friends are invited.

Naming of Babergh Lodge

Babergh was one of the “hundreds” of Suffolk mentioned in the Domesday book. Its name survives in that of Babergh District and Council, the local government district of southern Suffolk with Sudbury being the largest town. 

The Lodge Banner

The Lodge banner, each lodge has its own, was designed by John Patton, one of the Lodge founders, who wrote a lengthy lecture explaining its symbolism. 

The lecture is usually presented annually by a member of the lodge. The banner is present at every Lodge meeting. Incidentally, the resplendent banner was produced privately in 1967 for only £50, somewhat of a bargain! 

Now and the Future

Babergh is a small but very friendly lodge. In recent years we have rarely exceeded thirty five members which means that we all know each other well. 

Our Members range from their 30’s to 80’s with vast life and Masonic experience. 

Our membership comes mainly from a varied range of local trades, professions and business men. 

If you are interested in joining please use the contact form

Members of the Babergh Lodge celebrate the Lodges 50th Anniversary